LAN Speed Test version 4 (Beta 6) is now available! Click Here for details

Welcome to our new site!

Sep 22, 2016

Our goal on this build was to make our website as high quality and simple and fast as our software! Take a look around. There have been lots of changes to the Navigation and many new features have been added.

Here's some things to look for...

  • Online documentation is now available!
    From the menu, choose 'Support' -> 'Online Documentation'. You can also get to it from the product's page. Both online version and downloadable .pdf versions are working.
  • Downloads and Purchases are now done from the product's page
    ie. Go to an item page (ie. Calc4All) and the buttons to download or purchase this item are right there.
  • Past versions and Beta versions are now easy to find and download from the product's page
    ie. Go to an item page (ie. Calc4All) and the links will be under 'Alternate and previous versions'.
  • Blog - latest info on what's happening
    Simply click on the ‘Blog’ link on the Menu at the top to see the latest blog/news posts.
  • Lost Registration Lookup Utility
    Lose your registration, or did it get blocked by an overzealous SPAM filter somewhere along the way? Now you can look up your purchases by your registered email address. To see the registration information, just click the button and the system will email all of your registrations to your registered email address using a different means than the automatic response after purchasing (more SPAM filter friendly). Just click on 'Support' -> 'Lost Registration'.
  • Smart phone / tablet friendly
    Pages automatically adjust for best viewing from all sorts of devices – big or small.

Version 4.0 Update

Feb 26, 2016

I was hoping to have version 3.5 out by the end of 2015 for both Windows and Mac. Version 3.5 was being built with a different compiler than the original versions LAN Speed Test and LST Server. This compiler could build both Windows and Mac executables. LAN Speed Test (Lite) version 1.3 was built with this compiler and I was hoping to use this same compiler for the full version. It just wasn’t working out, so I made another change. LAN Speed Test, LAN Speed Test (Lite), and LST Server are all being rebuilt from the ground up using another compiler that will let me take these programs to the level that I have been envisioning. Future builds will include Linux desktops, IOS and Android devices, and Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers.

LAN Speed Test will now support variable packet sizes, auto packet sizes, random packet contents (fixes the compression issues some users were experiencing), being able to view the details of each packet in table or graph form. So many new features and more than one complete rebuild calls for skipping Version 3.5 and going right to Version 4.0. LST Server and LAN Speed Test Light will also skip to Version 4.0.

All of our apps are completely portable!

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